Ecuador Postal Stamp Engravers

I compiled a list of Ecuador stamp printers.  The list is composed of stamps that I currently have in my collection.  There are over 30 stamp engravers and printers who produced Ecuador stamps from its inception to current times (2022).

  • American Banknote Company – New York, United States of America
  • Ed Colon. – Quito, Ecuador
  • Institut de Gravure – Paris, France
  • I.G.M. – (Imprenta Grafica Militar) Quito, Ecuador
  • Lito. Nacional-Porto-Portugal
  • Staatsdeuckerei Wien – Vienna, Austria
  • Thomas De La Rue de Colombia – Bogotá, Colombia
  • Waterlow & Sons Lt. Londres – London, England

American Banknote Company

Engravers Printers American Banknote Company

Institut de Gravure

Engravers Printers Institut de Gravure Paris

Staatsdeuckerei Wien

Engravers Printers Staatsdeuckerei Wien

Waterlow & Sons Ltd.

Engravers Printers Waterlow Sons

Ed Colon

Engravers Printers Ed Colon

Lito. Nacional-Porto-Portugal

Engravers Printers Lito. Nacional Porto Portugal

Thomas de La Rue

Engravers Printers Thomas de la Rue

Instituto Gráfico Militar

Engravers Printers IGM

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