Ecuador 2022 Scott 2252

2022 Heroínas de la Independencia


2022 Heroínas de la Independencia

Ecuador for all

The beauty of Ecuador can be seen everywhere from the Chimborazo mountain, to the Coastal side to historic Cuenca. From its countryside and jungle, nature flourishes in this beautiful land. Enjoy the history, the people, the crafts, and all that Ecuador offers. Stamps from Ecuador show culture, politics, religion, animal fauna and many other beautiful depictions.

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1 year ago

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in reference to the recent come out 2022 Ecuador-Mexico Joint stamp issue commemorating the “Heroínas de la Independencia”I am a joint stamp issue collector and besides collecting the stamps of these kind of issues, I also collect everything related to them like their FDCs, brochures, and mainly their POSTMARKS.
I have been looking for the Ecuador stamp of the 2022 Ecuador-Mexico Joint Stamp issue for some time, however this particular stamp is nowhere to be found so that I can buy it.
I wonder whether you could help me get the Ecuador stamp of this joint stamp issue and its postmark as well.

with kind regards